World Wide Web

New website under construction

It’s an exciting time here at Charlton Whitehouse Fuels because our current website is in the process of retiring and a new one is in the making.

Not much has changed here at the coal yard…  you still get the same great service and fuels…  but the way of the world changes around us, technology advances and the way people search for fuel evolves. We all have to keep in touch with how Joe Public wants to shop nowadays so we decided it was time to upgrade ourselves so we thought renewing our website was a great place to start. With a growing shift towards mobile internet browsing and e-commerce selling we wanted to ensure our company, Charlton Whitehouse Fuels Ltd, can be put in front of the Google searchers, give them all the information they need and hopefully they’ll pick up the phone. Well that’s the goal anyway. Wee shall see…

So in a matter of weeks we shall be popping the corks on our champagne bottles and celebrating the new (online) face of the company during our 5 minute lunch break, before getting back to what we do best – supplying you, the fine members of the public, with quality coal, smokeless fuel, logs and gas to keep your homes toasty and warm.