Coke Beans or Breeze is commonly used to fuel a blacksmith or farrier’s forge as it produces very high heat levels and little soot making it ideal for shaping metal. Our Coke Beans are suitably sized to give optimal performance on a blacksmith’s forge.

What are Coke Beans?

Coke is a high carbon fuel usually made from coal and is manufactured through the destructive distillation of low sulfur, low ash bituminous coal. Coke has been used in industry for hundreds of years and due to it’s high heat producing qualities made it possible to fashion products from metals such as iron on a forge which helped to lead the way for the industrial revolution.

The term “Beans” refers to the size of the coke nuggets. Their small size allows for consistent air circulation through the fuel optimising the heat distribution and output.

Coke Beans / Breeze

Coke Beans are prepacked in 20kg bags. They are the ideal fuel for forges as the temperature from coke is exceptionally high, burns cleanly and produces little soot.

Our Coke Beans can be purchased and collected from our yard in Oldbury or we can arrange your order to be delivered anywhere in mainland UK using our haulage partners.

UK produced coke is becoming hard and harder to come by as collieries and steelworks are forced to close as a result of oppressive foreign markets taking business away from Britain. Charlton Whitehouse Fuels continues to search for supplies of UK made coke to help fuel Great Britain’s industries. Unless otherwise stated all our coke is sourced from the UK.

Purchasing Options

  • PRE-PACKED BAGSHouse Coal Bag - Doubles 20kg
    Ready to collect or delivered to your home. Packed for convenience in heat sealed plastic bags.

    We can ship orders of prepacked coke beans to any mainland UK address.


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