The calorific values of a fuel, whether it bituminous coal, smokeless fuel or logs, will tell you how well the fuel burns, the level of heat energy emitted and any waste products produced during the burning process. This data can be used for several purposes such as comparing the quality of fuels and to identify whether a smokeless fuel is actually a “smokeless fuel”.

We like to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our products, as we strive to supply only the best fuels, so knowing exactly what’s in them and how well they burn is a critical part to our company ethos. All the data we display below is provided to us directly from the producers of our manufactured products and from the coal mining companies.

Our Fuel’s Calorific Values

Our Grade A House Coal Doubles, Trebles and Cobbles are all mined in Columbia – the source of one of the best types of bituminous coal found on the planet.
(As with all naturally mined fuels there may be slight fluctuations in the figures reported on different shipments)

Energy output - 27 GJ/kg
Sulphur content - less than 1%
Ash content - approx 6%

We try to display as much  information about our products as we can and we’re always trying to gather more data on our fuels from the manufacturers and mining companies. If you’re looking for a product that isn’t listed above then you can request it by filling our our Contact Form.