Coal, Log and Gas Merchants

Supplying domestic fuel to homes across West Midlands, Worcestershire and Warwickshire since 1910.

Charlton Whitehouse Fuels Ltd is a fully approved coal merchants based in Oldbury, West Midlands. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with top quality coal, smokeless, kiln dried logs and LPG products at very competitive prices and providing an excellent customer service.

We sell our fuel to domestic customers and the wholesale trade throughout the West Midlands, Worcestershire and Warwickshire including the immediate and surrounding areas of Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Worcester and Warwick.

If you have an open fire, log burner, multi-fuel stove, chimnea, a blacksmiths forge or any other solid fuel appliance then get in touch with us, your local coal merchants, for a non-obligatory quote on fuel.

Our Product Range


Our Coal Range

Steam Coal
Blacksmith Breeze



Our Smokeless Range




Our Log Range

Kiln Dried Ash
Less than 20% moisture content

Netted Logs
Bulk Bags



Propane and Butane LPG

LPG Range




Our Charcoal range

Restaurant Grade



Coal Bunkers

We sell and deliver coal bunkers as a convenient way to store your coal and smokeless fuel at home.


Coal merchants ~ Why use them?

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple.


Cheap fuel – a false economy

With leading supermarkets and high street discount stores now selling coal, smokeless fuel and firewood the availability of convenient fuel has increased. GREAT! ……or is it? The truth is you can’t be sure what the contents of those bags hold and I’d be very surprised if any of the store assistants could tell you as for them it’s just another money making venture. Is the fuel suitable for your appliance? Can you burn it on your stove? Am I allowed to burn it in the area I live in? Is this a good quality fuel? Will this fuel damage my appliance over time? You’ll probably be left scratching your head to these questions at any convenience store but not with experienced coal merchants. With 50 years in the trade we know our fuels inside out. We can trace the source of our fuels back to the mine where it was extracted or the company where it was manufactured. We know the composition of our fuels and can advise on the best way to burn it to get the best performance. We offer a home delivery and stacking service so you can stock up on fuel and not have to make frequent trips to the shop.

If you’re in need of solid fuel then coal merchants such as Charlton Whitehouse Fuels are the best and most reliable way of purchasing quality smokeless fuel or firewood, suited to your appliance.

Coal merchants and future trends

Coal merchants have been around for hundreds of years delivering coal to fuel the living room fires and cookers that were paramount to everyday life. As life evolved, new technologies sprung and people’s lives became much busier. Sadly, the open fire started to make way for central heating systems and electric fires, which I’m sure most would agree are not as satisfying but offer greater convenience. However recent trends show that open fires, multi fuel stoves and log burners are becoming very popular once again. So in this modern age of e-commerce, digital communication, global purchasing and the demand for ultra convenience people turn to these to buy their fuels instead of the trusty coal merchant. Why? Do they know we exist? …maybe. Or is it easier to find it and order it on your smart phone? …probably. With this growing trend in e-commerce and demand for solid fuel and smokeless, fuel can now be bought on the internet, from local shops, petrol stations, supermarkets and department stores, thus sparking price wars. Some coal merchants have embraced the evolution of the digital world and created a presence for themselves online. Competition is and will always been a integral part of business but when large companies who aren’t coal merchants and know very little about coal and its many varying properties jump on the bandwagon and look to source fuel as cheaply as possible they end up flooding the market with cheap, poor quality and inefficient products, damaging the reputation of coal as a domestic fuel, purely to increase profit margins. This is what we’re seeing today. Time and time again our customers try these cheaper options but return to us and our quality fuels almost immediately. “It doesn’t get hot enough”, “it takes ages to light”, “burns poorly”, “it leaves lots of mess at the end” are just some of the comments we get about these cheap coal and smokeless products.

So save yourself the time and money. Let us, Charlton Whitehouse Fuels, your local coal merchants advise you on the best fuel for your appliance, the best way to use it and let us supply you with quality fuel that will give you exceptionally good fires that won’t damage your appliance when you use them.

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